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The most handsome purple sneaker looks for men

By :Jaleed Wasi 0 comments
The most handsome purple sneaker looks for men

It is an emerging trend that people have begun experimenting with different colors to go with formal and casual dresses that they usually do not wear. Not only women, but men have also started to wear sneakers of colors that people typically hesitate while going out. Multi, blue, purple, red, and yellow are among the top trending sneakers, and it is worth-appreciating that they are stepping out of their comfort zone and trying a variety. And sometimes it is the moment of realization that we had missed over the years about how amazing that specific color looks on you!

You might have seen a lot of attires with expensive branded shoes, but today let's show you a few looks with cheap sneakers in purple.

Purple cheap sneakers looks this year

  • Friends with yellow

It is no exaggeration of how eye-pleasing yellow and purple look together. Definitely, a match made in heaven! The look is dapper, yet the most convenient one. All you need is a pair of skinny navy jeans and a yellow/mustard sweater and top the look off with purple sneakers.

  • Daisy daisy

Daisies are gorgeous when they are purple and white, so is a dress. But wait, who said only dresses? A white long-sleeved t-shirt and purple sneakers are not a less pleasing combination either. Pair your white t-shirt with black chino and add purple sneakers to the whole setting and round off your look to a casual/semi-formal one.

  • Go formal go purple

Did you think that purple is only to be worn with jeans and chinos and not at a formal gathering? Many people think so, yet pairing them with the right attire can make them an excellent choice. Grab your purple/ camel suit along with a white shirt and add purple sneakers for a stand-out look.

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