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2020 The Sneaker Year

By :Jaleed Wasi 0 comments
2020 The Sneaker Year

Though the sneaker trend is ruling the market since ages 2020 is known as the sneaker’s year.As we all know there are different and unique kinds of sneakers and especially women love them.

The more stylish these sneakers are the more famous these are among women. Most of the women like color schemes from bright to neutrals that give them a hot chic look. The lace-up style is most commonly used by the women as it helps tighten the shoe and keep it in place.

Also, the main feature women look for is the breathability and lightweight of the material.

Sneakers and heals

Nowadays, women are ditching heels over sneakers making their comfort their priority. Over the past year, many people have switched towards sneakers boosting the sales of sneakers. During the last three months, a 19% drop has been seen in the sale of heels. Many luxurious fashion brands have also introduced sneakers in their collections. Undoubtedly, heels used to make women feel taller and beautiful but at the same time, they have to bear a lot of pain and discomfort. Keeping this in mind brands are converging on ease and comfort more than before.


Recently we have seen sneakers with heels but that trend didn’t last longer instead the focus of women shifted to wedges sneakers which is comfortable and has higher heels than usual sneakers. These can be worn at date night and casual gatherings or also whenever you want to look cool and fashionable.




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