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AIR JORDAN 1 – Best pick for 2020

By :Jaleed Wasi 0 comments
AIR JORDAN 1 – Best pick for 2020





1984 might seem quite a long time many of us, but for Jordan fans, it was just yesterday! It was the year Jordan came into existence as a collaboration between the famous shoe brand Nike and the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan.






The first pair of sneakers worn by the famed player was named Air Jordan 1.

Air Jordan 1 that gained popularity owing to the love of people for MJ, gradually became a style statement for a lot of people. Initially being sold in red and black, they began to come in many different colours as a retro in the year 2000 after high sales in the 1980s.



Air Jordan 1:

Air Jordan 1 has maintained its desire and popularity over the year with high consistency. From the introductory Red Air Jordan 1 to all the variants over the years, they have been immensely popular among people.

  • Style:

The style and design of Air Jordan 1 are timeless! Though prepared with more focus on the practical use in the basketball court, these sneakers managed to earn fame for their design as well. They had a statement look with bold colours that were distinctive in the basketball court too!

The design stays the favourite of many fans despite the great variety of Jordan sneakers launched over the years.

  • Specifications:

The Air Jordan 1 possess sporty features as it was designed to help perform better in the basketball court.

  • Upper material: The top material of these sneakers in majorly leather, which makes them quite long-lasting with the best quality.
  • Lining material: The lining of cotton fabric in these shoes makes them comfortable to wear for a long time. The comfort makes them an excellent choice for adventures and sports.
  • Closure type: Air Jordan 1 has a lace-up type closure making them ideal for high jumps and leaps without the fear of the shoe slipping off.
  • Sole: The sneaker has an outsole of Rubber and an Insole of PVC.
  • Fitting: Fits appropriately to your size and takes your standard size without any discomfort.
  • Features: They tend to add a few inches to the height. Additionally, the cotton fabric makes them breathable and comfy.
  • Design specification: It has the conventional Nike logo on the sides.
  • They can be potentially used on the concrete floor, PVC floor, wooden floor and hard court.
  • New beginnings in February:

There is great news for all the Air Jordan 1 lovers that the New beginnings pack coming in February 2020 includes the Air Jordan 1 in its original high-top form. This pack also includes an OG style exclusive hangtag for all Jordan fans.

Air Jordan 1 is an evergreen pair of sneakers that are in the hearts of many and the style statement of many others. They are available at sneakershive at very nominal prices to bring joy to the Air Jordan 1 fans.

Find your Air Jordan 1 today in your favourite colour at and grab them before they run out of stock!

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