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White has always been the trend and one of the hottest shoes around and the same persisted in the sneaker world in 2020. Look at the Louis Vuitton’s Fashion Week this year in Paris; white and cream was all there was. This trend is not going anywhere soon.

 The best of the white sneakers for men of this year included the following.

  • Adidas Stan Smith
  • Superga Cotu Classic
  • Reebok Club C 85
  • Nike Cortez
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70


White shoes are the staple of style for good reason so grab yours now!




For a sneaker-head knowing the latest releases or the latest update is not enough. The real sneaker head would have the entire history to the most recent information regarding their passion at the tip of their hands. There is not one a but a global sneaker community with sneaker-heads around the world sharing the same passion; this has led to the birth of their own language as well. We’ll be sharing a few terms and their meanings here; its knowledge after all.


Bespoke- in the sneaker world it is the Airforce 1 designed at Nike’s 21 Mercer location where they offer the customization right down to the stitching and labels. The passionate sneaker people usually have it on their bucket list.


Colorway- it is the combination of colors and more often a nickname is assigned to a specific color on the box. For example, the Oregon, the black cements and the True Blues are the variety of colorways of Jordan III silhouette.


High Top- the high tops refer to the height of the sneaker that is well above the ankle top. They are made that way for the ankle support. The high tops are not the same as back in the day but are definitely fashioned for more support and comfort.


Hyperstrike- this is the most limited releases and can drop without a warning. They are kept away from the news or leaks and are released in very small numbers, at times only to a select few.


Lows- this is what it suggests, typically low cut below the ankle or lower; also knows as the short set. The Air Force 180 is the example of this low cut sneaker.


Mids- Silhouettes like the Dunks and Air Force 1 are an acquired taste, not loved by all. The trainers and many basketball shoes are a part of this kind of sneakers.


Player Edition- this is the kind of sneaker that has been designed for a particular player and then release for retail. The Ray Allen Air Jordan XIII is an example of player edition.


Player Exclusives- these are slightly different than the above. In this the pair is made specifically for a player and not meant for retails. Usually available in the player’s size, the colorways are unique and the Details are even better.


Retro- the retro model is the one that is released again after the initial release.  It gives a chance to those that hadn’t been able to get them before or get another one.


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