The shopping day right after the “Thanksgiving” holiday is termed as Black Friday. In real, it was called Black Friday because the huge traffic of shoppers resulted in chaos and various accidents in the shopping districts that had to be dealt with by the police, who actually coined the term for reference. However, these days after Thanksgiving and before Christmas have always been shopping concentrated and people used to treat themselves to the four-day weekend as long back as the 1950’s.

The name was recorded for the first time in the year 1966 by Earl Apfelbaum who dealt in rare stamps and was presented in his advertisements that portrayed that the name was coined by the Police Department of Philadelphia and it was not one that was given out of love though. This was taken a negative tag for the businessmen because “black” wasn’t always used for good instead it always meant negative. For example, ‘Black Monday”  (October 19th, 1987) and “black Thursday” referred was said for the 23% Industrial Average Fall for Dow Jones and ‘Black Thursday’ referred to the start of Great Depression.


Black Friday, on the other hand, is one of the most businest (business wise) days of the year so make it something positive the accountants used to signal the profits in black ink. Thus it is something positive for both the economy and the retailing business because the consumer spending drives about 70 percent of the US GDP. It was a name for success and win-win for both the consumers and the business. The consumers get discounts, like amazing discounts on almost everything and people actually wait the whole year for this sale. The businesses sell in huge volumes and though at a lower margin make profits on the volume sold this time of the year.


So now you know what this day is and how the name was coined. You all made this a day a happening day of the year together. So why not make use of it (the holiday and the discount) and make it worth it.




The holiday season is just a few days and you all know what it calls for! Yes, it’s time to relax, dress up and show up.  This is the time for all to enjoy the work free days to the fullest, spend time with the loved ones, eat good food and party, all the while being classy. What better way to up your fashion game then to make budgeted purchases from the amazing collection of sneakers!

You can finally get your hands on that pair of sneakers you have had your eye in for a while as soon as they go on sale in the coming days, call it the beginning Christmas shopping days or more over, it is BLACK FRIDAY. The discounts on all those pieces are going to make for such a satisfying and worthwhile purchase.


29th of November the Black Friday Sale goes live, so tune in for the amazing discounts and the amazing sneakers range in discounted prices here at Sneakers Hive.

Well we’ll all be thinking about what we are purchasing this Friday right after Thanksgiving, have you decided yours?

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