Sneakers are not new in the world today but have been around for as long as the 70’s and 80’s. Way before all the online world craze or social networks (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter) splurge happened. It is as old as Hip Hop if we talk about a date line reference.


Known as “plimsoll” back then were mostly worn by the people on holidays and then the athletes belonging to different sports around the globe due to the comfort they provided.  They later took to the British Army that had special soles with engraved patterns manufactured in big volume.

The turn of the 20th century saw that more people used the sneakers for leisure as well as outdoor activities and it made its way to the school going masses. The first specifically designed for running shoes were made and sold by the J.W. Foster and Sons and that was just the beginning of an era that still hasn’t seen an end.


The shoes have been widely popularized by athletes around the world from all the different sports thus serving as endorsements for the generation following them. Additionally, influence aside the shoes themselves are a way of comfort and a style to be flaunted for both men and women of all the regions.


The same sneaker culture that keeps rising has given birth to the sneaker heads around the world; but that is a discussion for another time.  Well, now we have told you what led to the sneaker culture that we have going today.





Black is not only your color or mine but it is the color of almost everyone. Be it clothes, accessories, footwear, black has been a favorites and the most common amongst the masses. The sneaker world is no different. Celebrities, influencers, people from all walks of life have been seen wearing the black sneakers for men and carrying them in style. Black kicks have always been in fashion be it summers or spring; black never goes out of style. Have a look at the range of black kicks available here; because, well, black is fashionable.


Black kicks go with everything; you don’t need to think twice about the look. Black is a neutral and genderless color that suits everyone and the same time makes him or her stand out amongst many. Get that plain black number or the one with the metallic color combination you are bound to stand out, not to mention the comfort that comes with it.


Wear them with jeans and casual shirt or pair them with a more formal; it makes it all come together. You’ll be amazed at the ease with which it goes with almost anything without having to spend all those important minutes finding the right footwear. These are the shoes that you can simply use to dress up or a dress down depending on the place you got to be; definitely a great addition to that already amazing wardrobe of yours. 

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