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By :Jaleed Wasi 0 comments

Got your attention ladies! Who doesn’t like black? Well it is in fashion and it is one color that always is. Black sneakers for women are a style that never fades; you just cannot have enough of them. Be in fashion, stay in style, get those black kicks to make that look all come together; be it casual or formal; you just can’t go wrong.

Black kicks, be it plain or the ones with the metallic shades or the neon colored laces definitely up your style game.

“Sale” a word the women love. Yes, the black kicks are certainly on sale just for you ladies. Grab them while they last.




Last time the discussion ended on the term, so let’s just pick it up from there.  The formal meaning of the term “sneakerhead” is the person who collects, trades and / or admires sneakers as a hobby.  These people are passionate and have all the knowledge pertaining to the sneaker world and the current sneaker culture. They know the history of this production and actually invest time, energy and money getting to know all the different categories and at the same time building a collection.

They have been present since the sneakers were produced in association with the different sport athletes. And we have a look at the history we can easily say that the serious ones popped out with the introduction of the first Jordan shoes by Nike.

The Internet with its birth gave all the more ammunition to this sneaker culture, thus, sneaker heads. One collector could easily connect with the other one anywhere around the globe and get the information on their favorite kicks at just a click. Opinions were made and the same were shared across the Internet making a community of sneakerheads that is till on the rise.


So are you one of the sneakerheads, if yes, you are going in the right direction!




Well for starters it’s all that style that comes with it naturally. People do wear it for that alone. However, there are multiple benefits of wearing them as well.


Most important reason being the full feet support that the design of this footwear provides to all. They usually have that rubber sole that takes away the full impact from our feet when we take a walk; that’s why you usually see people at parks wearing them while running, jogging or simply taking a walk.


They are definitely way more comfortable then any other kind of footwear. Be it a formal setup or a longer regular meet up, sneakers have you at ease because they are super comfortable and not let you tire easily.


They come in a variety of different styles, colors, combinations and makes. There is one for every one and for every dress. People can make their own signature styles and flaunt them. It is so easily a form of expression with all those looks, ones bound to speak yours.


There are a number of other reasons but these shall do for now.

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