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Breaking the Norms- Gaining status

By :Jaleed Wasi 0 comments
Breaking the Norms- Gaining status

As we all are aware of the trends that are already going on from decades about clothing etiquettes, styles, and codes of behavior. People assume the one who wears an off-trend outfit to places such as work or shopping is considered more strong and powerful and gains more status.

The most appropriate example for this is the inventor of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, he wears a hoodie, grey T-shirt with jeans and Nikes even in very formal meetings where a common person would prefer wearing suits and ties. 

The second example which we see is the Co-founder of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs, We’ve seen him wear the same Blue jeans with his black turtleneck T-shirt along with sneakers even in launch parties of his products.

The major reason for describing all this is that you can gain status by breaking the trends and set your trend.

Many of us would never wear Red Sneakers to our office or with ant color that won’t go with it. But as you will break the norm you feel comfortable and classy in those red sneakers at work, at shopping or any other place. Wearing your signature red sneakers will give every other person a message that you don’t care about what others think. And that will be your power.

Looking different gives a positive return

Yes, sometimes looking different give you a positive boost and make you more confident than you ever were, also the people around you get attracted towards you and gets good vibes as well.

So, if you are thinking to buy some Cheap Red Sneakers for your outfit you can get it from Sneakershive for the best quality material and different designs. And remember being different, is different in itself and is good for your growth. Keep Shining differently.
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