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Caring For Your Kicks: 7 Shoe Maintenance Tips for Casual Sneakers

By :Muhammad Tauseef 0 comments
Caring For Your Kicks: 7 Shoe Maintenance Tips for Casual Sneakers

Except for diehard sneakerheads, most of us trash our casual shoes without giving them a second thought. However, with little preventative care, we can significantly extend the life of our beloved sneakers or walking shoes.

The following are a few actions you can do to prolong the life of your snazzy sneakers.

1.To Begin, Apply A Shoe Protector

 Caring For Your Kicks: 7 Shoe Maintenance Tips for Casual Sneakers

When you first remove the box from your new shoes, one of the most acceptable ways to safeguard them is to use a shoe protector. A decent protective spray will protect your shoes from a variety of dangers, including scuffs, heat, and water, or even sun fading. You'll need to reapply every month or so, depending on how frequently you wear your black sneakers, but using a shoe protector spray is among the easiest methods to maintain your shoes in near-perfect condition.

2.Consider Using a Shoe Sole Protector

The portion of your shoe that will most likely wear out the fastest is the sole, which contacts the ground as you walk. If your outer sole begins to wear away, you will need to take this to a shoe repair shop, and if the wear is uneven because of your walking style, it may even impact your joint health. A sole protector is often an adhesive coating that helps your sole last longer. This is another technique for maintaining the perfect state of your favorite pair of sneakers before you can even take the first foot in them.

3. Keep Your Shoes Dry

Humidity is highly detrimental to the condition of your shoes. Rather than storing your shoes inside a shoebox in a damp, unventilated basement, try using shoe bags and storing your shoes on the shoe rack. The cardboard box in which your shoes arrive inherently retain moisture and provide an ideal environment for mould development. This exposes your shoes to the possibility of dry rot, which occurs when fungi and humidity attack them, causing them to come apart.

4. Clean Your Shoes Gently Regularly

No matter how well-maintained your shoes are, they will eventually accumulate dirt and filth from use and storage. This is especially true for your casual shoes, which you wear much more frequently, which is why it's critical to understand how to clean your shoes properly. This varies according to the type of shoes you're cleaning. However, there are a few general guidelines that apply to most casual shoes:

Eliminate your laces, then clap your shoes together to remove any additional dirt or dust before washing. After that, use a mild detergent diluted with just an equal quantity of tepid water to spot clean spots. Alternatively, I've had success using baking soda with lukewarm water. Some claim that white paste works wonderfully on white leather shoes. Apply your cleaning liquid to the spots using a soft washcloth and soft-bristled toothbrush and gently scrub till the shoes are clean again. Allow drying in a well-ventilated place.

Additionally, you may add a weak concentration of sodium part bleach to 5 parts waters on white canvas, mesh, and knit shoes before cleaning with detergent to keep them white. Be cautious not to use too much bleach since this may cause your sneakers to become yellow.

5. After Each Wear, Use A Shoe Filler

To prevent your black sneakers from deforming, always apply a shoe filler after removing them, especially if you intend to store them for an extended length of time. Utilizing absorbent shoe stuffers, including newspapers or a fabric softener layer that absorbs moisture, can assist in preventing the buildup of smells and mildew.

If you want to take it a step further, utilizing a wooden shoe tree will help your shoes keep their shape for an extended period. The stiff shoe trees will assist in flattening out the soles of your shoes, and the wood can absorb moisture from your shoes.

6. When Wearing Your Shoes, Use A Shoehorn

If like me, you're too lazy to untie and retie your shoes each time you put them on, the easiest solution is to use a simple shoehorn. This stops you from crushing the ankle support of your shoe every time you slide your foot into it. There is no excuse for this one, so make sure to pick up a shoehorn if you don't already have one.


Among the most prevalent errors made by sneakerheads is improper shoe storage. It's one of those topics that individuals frequently cannot help but must confront. How you store the sneakers is critical to their longevity. The sun, the room temperature, and the air are all conspiring to ruin your shoes. If your shoes are not properly cared for, the adhesive and material will deteriorate over time. You may not have the world's most extensive collection of black men sneakers, but it's critical to take care of them.

The sun, the room temperature, and the air are all conspiring to ruin your shoes. If your shoes are not properly cared for, the adhesive and material will deteriorate over time. The shoes themselves will degrade due to wear and tear or lack of maintenance. The Perfect Pair, a world-famous sneaker collector who owns among the most expensive sneaker collection on the planet, keeps his sneakers in bags that keep out sunlight, air, and dust. If you're not so committed, have no fear; we'd recommend storing them in such a spare room if possible. Maintain the form of your shoes by including a shoe tree and shoe insert in each pair.

If you have the space in your home, store your shoes in a well-lit area. If you want to preserve your sneakers for a lengthy period, we recommend following our advice.

Show Some Love to Your Sneakers

By using even a few of these suggestions, you can help your sneakers go the extra mile & look good for many more steps. 

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