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Charismatic sneaker looks for your first date

By :Jaleed Wasi 0 comments
Charismatic sneaker looks for your first date

Among the occasions we want to look our best, dates hold significant importance. Why shouldn't they? Going out with our favorite people are the most cherishable memories and who wouldn't want to look their best in those memory-moments!

A few people like to be dressed in semi-formal attire while going on a date, whereas others like to go casual. But the prime thing is that sneakers go equally well with suits and t-shirts. It doesn't matter if you are going on a walk or meeting at a restaurant in a formal set up, dressing your best is easy when you have the right shoes.

Royal blue sneakers to the rescue

Blue is a color that can turn your worst day into the best. And that is why it is a must to have royal blue sneakers in your wardrobe to add a slick style to your outfit. When you have a white t-shirt, grey pants, and a royal blue coat, you just need to put on those spectacular royal blue sneakers to look perfect!

Stripes – the social types

A fantastic first date semi-formal ensemble would only need a decent pair of white sneakers and a striped t-shirt. Stripes have always been loved and worn by men and women to stand out among others in gatherings. Get the most stylish look by pairing a striped t-shirt with white chinos and a burgundy blazer. Top off the look with beige or white sneakers.

Go casual – Go trendy

Did anyone tell you how handsome men look in green? Take out your green crew neck sweater and pair it with white or cream-colored chinos. Complement the attire with brown sneakers and a nice wristwatch. Moreover, a beige trenchcoat would also be great to go with the overall look.

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