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Cheap Sneakers Online A key to Networking- Orange

By :Jaleed Wasi 0 comments
Cheap Sneakers Online A key to Networking- Orange

Did you know that orange shoes are considered as the key to networking? Yes, it sounds a bit strange but true. Co-founder and chief executive of Likeable Locals, Dave Kerpen says that orange color always helped him a lot by boosting his confidence level when he was in search of his partner who can invest in his start-up business, he also told that his now business partner McClure was so curious that he shouted in the room full of investors that he needs to talk to the guy who’s been wearing these orange shoes, And this how the orange sneakers for men became a key to networking. Kerpen also revealed that he owns 29 pairs of orange shoes since then.

Uniqueness attracts

Orange is a unique and different color to be worn especially in the formal gathering but as discussed above it can be a source of starting a conversation with unknown people that can be beneficial for you. You can also wear these when partying with friends and family too.

Combination with different colors

The colors that look cool together with orange are:

White with orange or Black with orange

This always gives a classic look like any color combined with these two colors never disappoints.

Light purple with orange and Cyan with orange

If you love bright colors, you will love these colors altogether and this will go best with your summer outfit.

Grey and orange

This color has a different and unique spell and is personally my favorite combination with orange.


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