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Cheap Sneakers Online Kicks- Historical view and hipness

By :Jaleed Wasi 1 comments
Cheap Sneakers Online Kicks- Historical view and hipness

The world’s First Sneaker

The world’s first sneakers back then it wasn’t called sneaker, was known as plimsolls, these were rubber-soled shoes worn by the school going students. Then, a company named Keds came up with more comfortable shoes with a soft rubber sole and named it as sneakers. After Keds, a British Company J.W Foster and Sons invented the world’s first runner shoes in 1985, and these shoes were mostly known for its speed and control.  And the revolution in the production of sneakers began and now here we are with many brands producing different types of Sneakers in different designs and colors.

Sneakers and Sports

The sneakers were introduced in the mid of nineteenth century. That was the time when everyday work boots were worn in the football ground that was causing damages due to their hard sole to the players like Micheal Jordan's Man Light Jordan Basketball Shoes. And it was after the 1980s, the footballers and sports persons were permitted to modify their footwear to sneakers. These were so lighter and more comfortable than this gave a boost to the performances of the sportsmen especially footballers.

Later these comfortable and lightweight shoes were adopted by players of different sports too, increasing its sales to an unexpected level.

These shoes are known by different names like trainers, kicks, runners, gym boots, sports shoes, sneaks, tennis, and many others in a different part of the world and known as sneakers in American countries.

Sneakers and today’s world

Nowadays sneakers are worn by common people all over the world due to its comfortability and smartness. And in this busy and technical world sneakershive provides you with the cheapest sneakers online at affordable prices with diverse quality and original products along with satisfactory customer service. And in this pandemic situation sneakershive looks forward to serving you with the best!

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