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Women love colors and to be honest a woman shines bright with a pop of color in their wardrobe. If we speak statistically a study has found out that the sneaker sale has risen by 37% and the sale of stilettos have fallen by about 12% at the same time. What does that mean? More women are opting for comfort; they have understood fashion doesn’t necessarily have to mean pain.


Sneaker culture rise means that the comfort is in trend and now, women want to be comfortable and are slaying their attires (Casual or formal) with some amazing sneakers. This has led to a changing air in the social mores and to point you in the right direction, there are a ton of fashionable colorful sneakers for women that complement almost every outfit; whether you have to attend a meeting or your child.


The Fall 2017 runways displayed a great collection of shoes where Anderson paired minimalist, metallic sneakers with heavy cocktail dresses. Leopard tights complemented the tennis kicks and Reeboks walked the Stella McCartney’s runway. So basically sneakers go with everything and colorful sneakers go a long way in adding that required pop of color that set off the entire attire.




COLE HAAN GRANDPRO TENNIS- these are lightweight, flexible and ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. They are slimmer and lighter then the traditional tennis shoe with a sleek design.  It can take you from commute to vacations to work events and still be comfortable; they make for a great choice.


KEDS TRIPLE UP LEATHER SNEAKER- these take a few wears but then are comfortable platform shoes that give extra height. They give a 1.5 inch platform which has a flattering and elongating look for legs making the female silhouette look great in anything.


VANS COMFYCUSH CHECKERBOARD SLIP ON- these kicks are easy to wear with an upgraded insole that gives more comfort. These are popular slip-ons with almost everyone and are snugger than the previous ones. Comes in a range of colors and patterns as well as prints.


KOIO CAPRI- as far as the best white sneakers go, these are the best. Pricey but holds well over time and are fashionable. Looks good with everything and has both leather and suede options and few with textural accents.


ALL BIRDS CULT FAVORITE WOOL RUNNER- Unbelievably comfortable and simple enough to go with everything and at the same time easy to clean. They are convenient and don’t smell weird after a few wears either as they are moisture wicking.


Adidas Stan Smiths: slightly vintage look but they dont look dated.  They are comfortable; although the green and whites are the most popular they do come in other colors too.


The right pair of sneakers look great with multiple looks from all decked up to dressed down; the best is they don’t hurt your feet like heels for all the fashion. Stylish is different for everyone and as we always say there is always one for everyone in our comfortable sneaker world. 

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