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Don’t Wash Your Sneakers Until You’ve Learnt This Right Way to Do It

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Don’t Wash Your Sneakers Until You’ve Learnt This Right Way to Do It

Sneakerheads understand that merely purchasing the trendiest sneakers on the market is insufficient. Once you've acquired them, you must understand how to clean shoes properly, or your entire collection will quickly appear as washed out as a group of over-Botoxed housewives on even a reality show. The designer sneaker revolution is well underway, and its past time you learned how to properly care for those kicks like a man who cares about creating an excellent first impression.

Whether you're seeking to keep a new pair of sneakers or revive an old favorite, following these professional methods will ensure that your hype shoes probably smell as good as the day you purchased them.

Crucial Sneaker Care Tools

The excellent news would be that shoe maintenance does not have to be prohibitively expensive. You may splash out on luxury clothing if that's your thing, and you can also keep your shoes in a tip-top form on a shoe budget if necessary. Rotation is the first rule. The more frequently you wear your favorite pair, the more quickly they degrade. Alternate between trips and allow your sneakers to air out to extend their life. Apart from that, they are the most critical instruments for shoe maintenance.

Cloth Made of Microfiber

Cleaning Sneakers

Spots clean all scuffs and spills that emerge using a cloth. The sooner, the better; therefore, you should always have fabric with you if you're fussy about your footwear. While any clean towel can suffice, disposable shoe cleaning wipes are also available for a quick on-the-go option. If possible, wear white cloth. I Will guarantee that no color is unintentionally transferred to the shoe.

A Bristle Brush with a Soft-Medium Texture

The brush is a self-evident necessity in every shoe care kit. Particular care should be paid to the bristle. Occasionally, you'll want something more rigid; occasionally, you'll want something gentler to avoid inflicting harm. Ascertain that you have backup plans in place to ensure that you are prepared for any scenario. If you're searching for a cost-effective solution to keep your shoes clean, a toothbrush will suffice. These are available in most supermarkets.


No, you are not ironing your coveted sneakers. As with those excessively Botoxed housewives, you would like to keep the look of wrinkles in your laces to a minimum. Lace care may be as straightforward as occasional ironing. Additionally, they may be cleaned by soaking them in warm water as well as a shoe cleaner. Bleach is another alternative but use it sparingly as it weakens the fibres. If that's too expensive, get a couple of additional sets of laces. Numerous aftermarket firms are now manufacturing stunning shoelaces to give your kicks their distinct flair.

Solution for Shoe Cleaning

Purchase a specialized shoe cleaner explicitly made for high-end footwear. The ideal one will be developed to preserve the integrity of luxury materials while also providing necessary cleaning power. Utilize the solution in conjunction with warm water as well as a damp brush.

Deodorizer for Sneakers

Whether you like it or not, your feet will go to develop abnormalities at some time. Utilize a deodorizer and fragrance spray (applied to the insoles after removing them from the shoes).

Additionally, you may use moisture-wicking socks or leave drier sheets in your sneakers overnight. This is especially useful during the summer when shoes become extremely funky due to sweat and sun exposure.

Suede Shield

If your shoes are made of leather or suede, protect them using protection made for this reason. Put the treatment on overnight to preserve your sneakers for months. Use a solution intended for shoes rather than a heavier substance that may wind up doing more damage than good when sprayed to your kicks. Suede protection is readily available at most supermarkets and shoemakers.

Washing Machine

Wash Sneakers in Washing Macine

How to wash sneakers in washing machine? When all other options have been exhausted, the washing machine is the final resort. Although it's a bit of a gamble, the safest approach to wash your sneakers in the washing machine would be to remove the laces and footbeds and then divide everything into two pillowcases or even a wash bag. If you choose to use pillowcases, tie them closed, then wash them together on the gentle cycle. Because there are no assurances, this should only be used as a last option.

When all else fails, you may always take your sneakers to a local shoemaker for reconditioning. However, for $30 a pair, this is something you'll want to do on a rare occasion.

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