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Everything You Need to Deep Clean Your Old Sneakers

By :Muhammad Tauseef 0 comments
Everything You Need to Deep Clean Your Old Sneakers


There is no better time than the present to practice self-care. Additionally, there is no better time regarding sneakers shoes maintenance.

Given that we are all contributing to the worldwide COVID-19 epidemic by remaining at home and socially isolating ourselves, this is an excellent chance to reconnect & catch up on all the things we promised we would be doing but were always too busy or preoccupied to complete.

Nothing beats a new pair of sneakers, correct? The issue is that it just takes one wear to dull its new-shoe luster, even more so if the kicks are white. After a few runs or excursions to the gym, it's pretty much over and, heaven forbid, any unexpected rain.

We've all been it: dropped, dripped, walked in, or collided with something, destroying a brand-new pair of sneakers. There is no cause to overreact to a puddle, pothole, drink, or burger (damn you, ketchup). The majority of stains are easily removed using household cleaners, while some require more effort to remove – simply put, we can probably just let them go. While they may not be as pleasant as new, you will undoubtedly save money; cleaning old sneakers shoes is far less expensive than purchasing new kicks.

With nearly everyone owning a pair of shoes, we felt there was no better time to give them a thorough cleaning, and so we've put up an easy tutorial on how to clean your sneakers. Continue scrolling to see how to freshen your favorite sneakers.

1. Remove Dust and Debris Using a Brush.

After hitting your shoes to loosen debris, clean the surface with a brush to remove any stains or scuffs. Several brush kinds are available on the market, each one designed for a specific type of material, from canvas to leather. If yours are made of suede, you can use a suede eraser to remove stains and a particular brush to rejuvenate the surface.

2. Wipe or Rub Spots Away

If the sneakers shoes require more care, soak them in a basin of hot water, then put your brush in the shoe cleaning solution and gently scrub back and forth in a circular motion. For difficult-to-reach areas, use a clean toothbrush. Create a lather to allow the solution to begin working on the dirt. , if you're dealing with various materials other than leather, shoe and sneaker cleaner is a more versatile option.

Again, keep in mind that you're using different brushes for various areas of your shoes. While a medium brush may be used on all surfaces of your shoes, from leather to nubuck or rubber, stiff brushes should be reserved for the soles, and soft-bristle brushes should be used on more sensitive surface’s suede.

4. Wipe Away Any Excess and Allow to Dry

With a microfibre cloth, wipe away excess soap, reapply soap & hot water, and scrub again as required. Apply the non-gel whitening paste to white canvas shoes and white soles using a clean toothbrush and let for ten minutes for pure clean results. Overnight, then air dry your favorite pair of sneakers.

Overnight, air dry your sneakers.

5. Clean your Laces

While you can clean your laces by washing them or scrubbing them with a brush and cleaning solution, it's far easier to get a new pair of laces, which can instantly breathe life into your favorite shoes.

6. Weather-Resistant Spray

Coat your shoes in weatherproofing spray to protect them from dampness and stains. Whichever brand you choose, always follow the directions on the bottle.

7. Appropriate Storage

Cedar shoe trees are not just for formal leather shoes; they also work well for sneakers, helping to retain their shape & absorb moisture after a week of use. Select ones with a slightly rounded toe and a metal spring construction to provide a better fit with the various types of sneakers shoes in your collection.

  • General Suggestions

Before we go into our detailed methods for cleaning certain shoe materials, here are a few quick fixes for sprucing up your kicks.

The first step is relatively straightforward: remove all visible dirt. This can be accomplished with a clean cloth, toothbrush, and even your hand if speed is of the essence. Wiping your shoes clean each time you put them away will help avoid build-up and spare you some real problems in the process.

Following that, you'll want to rinse the soles. Even if you're walking on a pretty clean surface, you'd be amazed at the number of debris that may become lodged in the soles of your shoes. Therefore, thoroughly rinse them with a damp cloth or hose. This does not have to be complicated, but it should be done.

Finally, spot washes any significant areas. If the stain is large enough, it should be easily removed by blotting with a soap and water solution.


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