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Handmade casual sneakers: Yay or Nay?

By :Jaleed Wasi 0 comments
Handmade casual sneakers: Yay or Nay?

Handmade things have always been liked more than the machine-made ones. Some people might think that human error chances are more in handcrafted items, yet many others find them more durable. May sneakers brand offer handmade casual sneakers, which you can try yourself and decide if you like them better or not!

Why people like handmade more than machine-made?

The liking of handmade sneakers over machine made is not only due to one reason. Several factors contribute to the preference of people towards handmade shoes. Everyone's choice might not be the same, yet people who like handmade shoes have their reasons, such as:


People understand that machines are programmed to do things in a particular manner and do not deviate from it. Though it is an excellent characteristic, it also means that a device cannot be creative. However, a worker making a handmade shoe would be able to make changes and add his creativity to create a new design.


Humans have brains that machines do not. And that is why sometimes the machine might not be able to detect a faulty material when a craftsman would be. A shoemaker can evaluate the quality of the shoe material which the machine might not be programmed to do.


One of the essential aspects of the likeness of handmade casual sneakers against machine made is the detailing put into the making of the shoe. Machines would only process the shoe as they are made to do. However, an artisan would ensure that each sewing stitch is done correctly, and there are no chances of a tear.

Which brands offer handmade casual sneakers?

Handmade casual sneakers are not very common, but you can find a decent variety of handmade shoes by Vancat and Vikeduo at Sneakershive in discounted prices.

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