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How To Maintain Your Favorite Pair of Sneakers?

By :Muhammad Tauseef 0 comments
How To Maintain Your Favorite Pair of Sneakers?
Few things in life are as aesthetically appealing as a pair of brand-new sneakers. As white as a celebrity's toothy grin, new kicks are indeed the ultimate indicator that you've got your crap together.
However, regardless of whether you're walking through city streets, office halls, or on a hike, shoes are prone to scuffing and discoloration. Follow these fundamental sneaker maintenance guidelines to keep the shoes looking as beautiful as when you purchased them.

Take Care of Them

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Treating your sneakers before you take them for a spin is a genuine effort of willpower. However, if you commit to stain prevention from the outset, the action will be well worth it.
Protect canvas shoes with a spray that help repel water & stains and leather and suede sneakers with a protectant spray. Allow liquid spray to dry completely (typically 24 hours) before venturing out on the streets with your footwear. This step is the true secret to maintaining your shoes in like-new condition, so resist the temptation to omit them.

Put On Socks

While it may seem self-evident, socks are essential for keeping your sneakers smelling fresh. If you want to make a fashion statement, select a brightly patterned sock; if you're going to show off your ankles, use no-show socks (look for socks with rubber heel grips to avoid slippage).

Spotlessly Clean

How to Clean Sneakers?

Avoid becoming the guy who builds a shrine to his new sneakers and never removes them from the box. However, if you spend a minute or two spot-cleaning stains and dirt off your shoes when you get home, you may significantly prolong the life of that favorite pair. Warm water on the microfiber cloth should be sufficient to remove minor dirt and stains, while baby wipes should typically be enough for more challenging messes.

Not To Be Forgotten Are the Laces.

Replacing the laces on your sneakers instantly transforms them. Purchase a new pair and clean the existing ones by simply soaking them under hot water and your preferred washing powder. After washing and drying the laces, iron them before replacing the shoes after an extra-polished finish.

Is It Better to Bleach or Not Bleach?

Opinions on whether you should utilize bleach on your sneakers are diverse, so proceed at your own risk. If you have a pair of worn-out shoes that you want to restore to their brilliant white glory, try gently washing them with a diluted bleach solution with one part bleach with five parts waters, preceded by a warm water rinse. If you use more bleach than that, you risk giving your sneakers a dismal yellow tint.
If the thought of putting bleach on your beloved shoes gives you the willies, combine baking soda and water for an efficient yet gentler cleaning solution.

Apply A Little Elbow Grease

If your sneakers have come into contact with a murky puddle or something similar, it's time for a thorough cleaning. Regardless of how tempted you are, refrain from cleaning your sneakers inside the washing machine. The spinning motion damages the fibres, reducing the lifespan of your shoes.
Instead, grab a fresh toothbrush as well as a cleaning product for leather or canvas shoes – you can get a professional sneaker cleaner at your local streetwear store or use a light soap or shampoo that you already own. Dislodge any debris and massage the cleaning solution into the soft foam with the brush. Rinse your sneakers with warm water and allow them to air dry (stuffing them with a paper towel will speed up the process).
Suede shoes are a little more challenging to clean. While a brush may help remove grime, deep cleaning is best left to the professionals – bring them to your neighborhood cobbler and then let them work some magic.


When not in use, keep your shoes out of direct sunlight to avoid discoloration. Please keep them in their original boxes or dust bags to maintain their pristine state. Additionally, place a pair of drier sheets inside the shoes.
When not in use, please place them in a dry place to absorb moisturizes them smelling fresh.

How To Maintain a Clean Pair of Sneakers?

After learning how to clean the shoes, let's conclude this article with a few tips for keeping them clean.
Every time you return home, thoroughly inspect your shoes. While this may seem like a hassle, if you keep abreast of your kicks before putting them away, you'll be able to maintain clean feelings.
That being stated, it is critical to remove stains immediately. Dirt, muck, and debris are most easily disrupted right after they come into touch with your footwear, so tackle stains as soon as possible, even if it's simply with a bit of water and soap in the bar restroom.
Finally, where necessary, apply protective coatings. While not all shoe materials require these sprays and rubs, someone’s, such as leather and suede, will undoubtedly benefit from them.
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