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How To Style Your Pair of Sneakers Effortlessly

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How To Style Your Pair of Sneakers Effortlessly

If you've been staying in a cave, your sneakers are no longer limited to the gym. Sneakers have grown from flimsy 'plimsolls' of working-class holidaymakers to a wardrobe essential for every guy (and woman, for that matter). From lifestyle to the red carpet to sports, your sneakers can now serve as an expression of who you are. And today, we're going to demonstrate how to do something properly.

Whatever type of sneakers you choose, there's a few basic principles to follow when wearing them.


  • Purchase sneakers that compliment your wardrobe: And which good is it to purchase the ‘hype' design if it does not compliment your style? Avoid jumping on a trend train solely because it is passing through. Choose shoes that complement your existing wardrobe rather than forcing you to replace your entire wardrobe. We're talking to you, Yeezy aficionados.
  • Wear them appropriately (but not too casually): While sneakers for women are flexible, they are not a substitute for dress shoes. While sneakers can be worn with any off-duty ensemble – and possibly even some casual, unstructured suits – they are not appropriate for every occasion (i.e., weddings). Rather than being underdressed, err mainly on the side of overdressing.
  • Keep them clean: It makes no difference how cool one's sneakers are if they aren't spotless. Proper sneaker maintenance involves laces washing, odor removal, brushing outsoles, and the use of shoe trees as well as sneaker shields.

 Achieve The Ultimate Sneaker Look

 Once you've chosen your poison, it's time to pair it with your wardrobe. And no, this is not a case of wearing any pair of jeans with your single pair of sneakers.

 The Essential Classics

Canvas kicks, Lows and Chucks, however you refer to them, basic sneaker is by far the most flexible casual shoe available. They pair well with shorts, denim, and chinos in virtually any shade and color.

When men wear these types of sneakers shoes to intelligent casual events or to work where a dress shoe is required, we find that they become a little uneasy. The basic sneaker IS NOT SUITABLE FOR ALL OCCASIONS and should be reserved for casual occasions only. On top, opt for graphic tees, gingham shirts, or even a blazer for a college professor look.

  • Combine with relaxed, slim, and skinny jeans and chinos.
  • Reserve for casual/street settings only
  • Ensure they remain clean and respectable
  • Appropriate for younger men

Luxury Sneakers

Our current fave is the opulent interpretation of the classic sneaker. These exquisite specimens have enabled sneakers to transition from street to smart casual without looking out of place on a teenage boy. They look great with slim denim, trousers, chinos, and in unstructured casual suiting.

Stop wearing them with shorts, as they are frequently bulkier than essential canvas sneakers. Maintain a refined look at the top to complement the shoe. T-shirts, bright shirts, as well as polos are all excellent choices. Choose a shirt with the slim or knit tie, a blazer, and slim denim for a more distinct look.

  • Dress appropriately, not shabbily
  • Begin with black and add additional colors as needed.
  • Take extra care to suede and avoid wearing it excessively.
  • Consider wearing brighter pairs during the summer or on European vacations.

Classic Sneakers for Sports

Superstars, 95s – these are your street-savvy, on-trend kicks that scream color. With classic sports sneakers, the idea is to find a pair that complements your style and purchase several pairs in various colors.

The essentials for dressing these sneakers are denim in slim and tapered fits, loose tees (with or without prints), and casual outerwear. Combine them with chino shorts for an effortless summer look. The trick is to strike a balance between hip-hop artists as well as and ordinary men. Some men prefer to wear snapbacks; that is entirely up to you. We prefer to match our sneakers to our tops to give the ensemble a sense of purpose and cohesion.

  • Select a few styles that you enjoy and stick with them
  • If possible, match the colors
  • When the weather is warm, pin roll or rock in khaki chinos.
  • If you don't like them, you can sell them on eBay.

Sneakers for Modern Sports

If you're not careful, wearing this aesthetic of sneaker can make you look like Jerry Seinfeld. You may pass for a 'house' if you wear them with tracksuit pants, though. Stick to low-profile shoe releases with a stylish edge as much as possible.

They'll appear bulky and out of place if they're too runny/sporty. On weekends, wear these like you would classic sneakers or even with gym/running gear. Avoid loose-fitting denim, as it never seems to work. Rather than that, opt for slim Nudie chinos or cuff variations with elastic. On top, keep it sporty as well as casual by wearing only t-shirts.

  • Avoid only those white pairs of running shoes... eeew!
  • Avoid tucking shirts into denim when wearing these sneakers.
  • Opt for a sporty look to match the shoe.


Sneakers by Designer 

Expensive not for the faint of heart, these high-end sneakers are becoming increasingly loud and aggressive each season.   A popular way to style these sneakers is to pair them with slim denim that is frequently gathered at the bottom, as well as t-shirts worn over open plaid shirts. The Parisian look also features long, drapey blazers and singlets that look an added edge. Denim in black is a must-have, as are more extended, loose-fitting t-shirts.

  • Adhere to blacks, whites, and muted hues
  • Allow your sneakers to do the talking
  • Your best friend is denim

Sneakers with High-Tech Features

Only a select few wills have the audacity to wear these sneakers. They're incredibly fashion-forward and, in my opinion, work best with drapey, long-fitting clothing. Maintain a monochromatic palette and do as little as possible to attract attention to the shoes – those who will do that for you. When wearing these types of kicks, you want people to believe you're not trying too hard, which is why muted attire is recommended.

  • All-black, all-black, and more-all-black
  • Opt for long, draped garments.
  • Be prepared for comments from others.


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