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Sneakers for Women: How to wear stylish women sneakers with jeans/skirts?

By :Jaleed Wasi 0 comments
Sneakers for Women: How to wear stylish women sneakers with jeans/skirts?

Contrary to a popular belief, sneakers for women can be combined with any outfit. Jeans/skirts and sneakers are highly versatile things but if you want to pair them together, you need to be a bit careful.

For all the fashion conscious ladies, who want to look classy & influencing while wearing sneakers & jeans/skirts, this is the right place.

Pairing Sneakers for women perfectly with jeans/skirts

# Make sure to show your ankle bone

You can make a fashion statement when wearing sneakers & make your overall appearance stylish. In this regard, the first & foremost suggestion for you is to make sure that the sneakers you are wearing are visible. For this, your skirt, pant or whatever you are wearing must fall above your ankle bone. Buy the pants & skirts with perfect length or cut/cuff them.

# No visible socks with sneakers

Wearing socks with sneakers isn’t a good idea at all.

Normally the ladies prefer to wear socks with sneakers, especially when the winter arrives. So, it becomes hard to follow this.

If its summer, you are OKAY to go without socks. On the other hand, if its winter, you can look for some low-rider socks. Why? Because you have to make sure that these aren’t visible with sneakers & it shows like you have naked feet.

# Play around with colors to look classy

There are a few things & a few looks that never go out of style. One of those looks is a one/two-toned look. Buy a pair of black sneakers & another of white ones. Now the choice is all yours. You can wear black jeans with black sneakers or white jeans with white sneakers. You can also choose to wear white jeans with black sneakers & vice versa.

You can play around with different shades as per your preferences & mood for a classy look.

# Be cautious when wearing sneakers with skirts

If you are done shopping with your favorite sneakers for women & about to wear it with a skirt or a dress that falls above your knee, pair it a chic crossbody bag. Even if you have lots of distance to cover, it will make you look stylish all through the way.

Make sure to keep your sneakers clean all the time, especially if these are in light colors. Clean sneakers look fine & add sharpness to your overall look. You can apply a small amount of candle wax on your light-colored sneakers to avoid stains.

The winter is coming & all you need to grab is a few pairs of sneakers for women & some low rider socks with it. It will not only make you look stylish & elegant but also keep you warm.

Why choose SneakersHive for sneakers?

While shopping for sneakers for women, be very careful about the brand you are buying from.

SneakersHive is the best choice for you to buy sneakers for women, men or kids. The novel, elegant & classy designs of sneakers by SneakersHive make you look classy & out of the crowd, wherever you go. Opt this brand for smart shopping for sneakers, especially if you want to get the finest pairs at the best prices.  


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