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Kids Motor skill development- Influenced by their footwear

By :Jaleed Wasi 0 comments
Kids Motor skill development- Influenced by their footwear

Motor skills are the basic skill based on the movements that include Physical activities like hopping, twisting, running, controlling objects like holding, catching, etc.

And footwear is an important factor and plays a measure major role during the motor skill development of kids that cannot be ignored.

In past days research has been done in which children were asked to perform some motor skills with shoes and barefoot and the children who were barefoot they performed very well than those with shoes.


But as we all understand that shoes are the basic need of our environment and are used to save us from the infections that can be caused by walking barefoot, we cannot leave the children barefoot instead we can use comfortable and quality shoes for their safety and development both at once.

Sneakers or Flip-flop sandals                      

What do you prefer more for your children, flip-flops, or sneakers?

Flip-flop is an open sandal that is casually used by adults as well as young children. These are soft and comfortable walking


But what do you think are these shoes good for kids' motor skills development?

In my opinion, it’s a big NO. Kids usually face difficulties using open shoes and have balancing issues too. Since I feel sneakers work best for their motor skill development as these shoes are more comfortable and have a good grip as well.


Many brands have now started manufacturing, led sneakers too to attract children, and to make them learn with fun too. But they are selling these at very high rates. But no worries, Sneakershive has got your back. You can buy cheap sneakers for kids from sneakershive, with assured and best quality products, along with the best service. Say HI to happy learning!



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