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Posture braces that help you stay in shape

By :Ann James 0 comments
Posture braces that help you stay in shape

What different types of posture correctors are out there and what is the right kind of corrector for you? Well, it’s a matter of preference. Some people like to focus on specific part o their back, so they may go with the upper or lower back brace only. Others might want something gentle that can be worn under clothes. Some might be interested in a full back posture corset type of brace. Below we are highlighting a few braces hosted at one of the websites ( selling all kinds of posture correcting belts, braces and other wearables.

Adjustable Clavicle Posture Corrector

 If you are looking for something lightweight, this is a perfect fit for you. It can be worn comfortably over or under clothes. It is put around shoulders and neck and straps are then adjusted from under the arms. It can easily be adjusted to your liking.

The belt is designed to keep you from slouching. It keeps your shoulders up straight and as you tend to round your shoulders forward, it offers a gentle correction to bring your posture in shape with time.

It has this hard material on the portion of the belt that sits between shoulders. Though useful, it makes it visible under the clothes. So, you may not want to wear it underneath for extended period.


Longline Back Brace

If you have serious issues with your posture especially near the lower back, this could be a good option. It focuses on the whole back from neck all the way down to your hips. It is worn over the shoulders with two belts running over the back abdomen. The material is hard and apart from the belts and thus makes it a bad candidate for wearing under clothes. It can provide support to your complete back though.


Back Shoulder Corrector

This is one of the most compact and simple posture correctors out there. It has two stretchable hoops for arms to slip in with a wide belt running behind the back connecting the hoops. As evident from the picture below, it is totally focused on keeping the shoulders in shape and being them back to the natural alignment if they are slouched or rounded forward. Being compact and small in size, it is absolutely the best posture brace to wear under the clothes.

This device is normally deemed a perfect fit for adult children.

Smart Posture Belt

With everything going smart like your phone, watch and what not. The posture wearables are also coming loaded with tech gadgets to help you better your posture. This smart posture belt is a fine example of it. It looks like an ordinary posture belt. Though the cross-back belt does work like a conventional belt. It has an electronic gadget that sits in the middle. The purpose of the gadget it to vibrate to let you know when you round your shoulders forward or slouch.

Even with the electronic gadget, the belt has been kept so sleek and compact that it can easily be worn under clothes.



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