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Seven Sustainable Tips to Care for Your Sneakers

By :Muhammad Tauseef 0 comments
Seven Sustainable Tips to Care for Your Sneakers

Sneaker collecting is a serious business in the world of fashion. Limited-edition sneakers regularly sell over five figures and even more for those with exceptional pedigree. Unsurprisingly, sneakerheads rely on sneaker cleaning professionals to keep your footwear looking box fresh year after year. It's not a simple feat, given that these shoes are designed to be worn, played in, and battered.

Several pathways to sustainability: some individuals like to shop at vintage and thrift stores, whereas others prefer to purchase new and manufactured items from eco-friendly businesses. Regardless of the road you pick, it is pointless if you do not take good care of your footwear.

How Frequently Should Shoes Be Cleaned?

As with anything else, routine care will maintain your white sneakers in excellent condition. The longer you ignore them, and the difficult it will be to clean them when you finally do. Numerous sneakerheads work their way through their rotation during the week and then clean all their sneakers on Sundays.

The math is straightforward: you ensure that they live longer and eliminate the need to purchase new ones if you take good care of them. That is why we have compiled a few bits of advice to assist you in accomplishing this.

  1. Keep Your Footwear in Its Packaging to Avoid Stains and Dirt.

To begin caring for your shoes, the most straightforward step is to keep them in boxes. This is an excellent method to keep them clean and dust-free: you avoid having to wash them frequently, which is not only a waste of natural resources and a technique that may harm the material over time.

There is no need to invest in new storage; you can reuse the box that came with shoes when you purchased them. Some shoes have a dust bag, but if you don't have one, here's a sustainable method to replace it: reuse an old pillowcase or create your bag from fabric scraps or recycled clothing.

  1. You Should Avoid Wearing the Same Pair of Shoes Every Day.

We all have a favorite pair of sneakers daily, but this is a habit we should work to break. Due to frequent usage, the inside cushioning might degrade and flatten out, and it requires a while to re-insert itself. Additionally, the sneakers absorb all the everyday sweat, which might eventually damage the lining.

As a result, we recommend rotating your shoes daily and allowing them to dry overnight in an open place before re-wearing them. This will prevent the padding from detonating and will also prevent it from collecting offensive smells. You can wear colorful sneakers as well.

  1. Use Newspaper to Help Retain the Form of The Shoe.

Whether you wear them daily or only on occasion, you want to retain the natural form of your shoes to avoid them from creasing. Unless you already own one, you may protect it from breaking by putting it in a wooden shoe tree. However, if you don't have either, you can use newspapers instead. Both alternatives will also absorb moisture.

  1. If Your Sneakers Have Sustained Damage, Get Them Inspected by A Specialist.

There is no need to discard a perfect shoe simply since it has a hole, or the sole has become softer. An expert may repair and restore this type of damage, restoring them to its original state.

  1. Educate Yourself on How to Clean Your Shoes Properly

You may hand-wash your shoes with eco-friendly detergents explicitly designed for white sneakers. You may assist yourself by using a cloth (or reusing an item of clothing that you no longer use) as well as an old toothbrush. There is no need to purchase additional products. Hand-washing your shoes should be delicate and meticulous, and if in doubt, you always can contact the company for extra guidance on how to clean them properly.

We recognize that this is a lot of advice, and it may appear impossible to implement them all at once. However, the critical point is that we take the initial move. Accept these suggestions and giving them a try the next time you get the opportunity. Each of us began somewhere! And keep in mind that you may use those for any footwear, not just sneakers.

  1. After Each Wear, Use A Shoe Filler

To prevent your shoes from deforming, always apply a shoe filler after removing them, especially if you intend to store them for an extended length of time. Utilizing absorbent shoe warmers such as newspapers or a fabric softener sheet that absorbs moisture can assist in preventing the buildup of smells and mildew.

If you want to take it a step further, utilizing a wooden shoe tree can help your shoes keep their shape for an extended period. The stiff shoe trees will assist in flattening out the soles of your shoes, and the wood can absorb moisture away from your shoes.

  1. Maintain A Dry Environment for Your Shoes

Humidity is highly detrimental to the condition of your shoes. Rather than storing your shoes in a shoebox in a damp, unventilated basement, try using shoe bags and storing your shoes on a shoe rack. The cardboard boxes in which your shoes arrive inherently retain moisture and provide an ideal environment for mould development. This exposes your shoes to the possibility of dry rot, which occurs when fungi and humidity attack them, causing them to come apart.


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