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Sneakers are sneakers, period. Be it the flashy neon’s that attract all those eyes, or the simple earthy tones or even the plain black number; it is always fashionable to show up in a pair of sneakers on that casual or formal outfit.  It just sets the entire look and well, definitely boosts up that mood. This is one footwear that is not only comfortable and definitely way more prone to wear and tear than the other kind of footwear, is also always in style. You can go for a run, take them to the gym or hop on for a bus ride; they go everywhere. They come in all sizes and a wide range of colors; so there is one for every one.


Best Sneakers To Buy Under $100 at SneakersHive

You don’t need to get yourself all wired up or save for months just to get your hands on that limited edition pair of sneakers anymore. We have here a few names that are definitely amongst the top coolest sneakers around and that too under that $100 bill.


  • The Striper II CVO: this pair is for about a $42.90 and is an amazing combination of dressy as well as casual and those leather laces just up the game. These low top shoes are comfortable, not to mention the durability factor. The range of colors this pair has is another tick in the box for you sneaker heads.
  • Spaghetti low Sneakers: FILA’s spaghetti low sneakers have that beastly traction and are equipped with the leather and textile upper providing support and breathability. These low tops are available in women sneakers sizes as well and are for about a $45. Add that color to your collection.
  • 997H: why not make grey day everyday? It has all the mass ratings and is even claimed to be the comfiest amongst all. It’s a little budget friendly going for about $70 with the stylish silhouette that goes for any and every event/occasion. It is lightweight with sufficient heel support as well as well made.
  • Chuck 70 High Top: This pair of converse is definitely wearable for longer durations with the comfort that it provides and the thicker footbed. Twice as good at the regular ones, the stylish appeal that it carries speaks to many. Wide range of colors and that too for about a $85.
  • Air force 1: Nike’s Air force 1 low top sneakers is known to be versatile enough to be worn with regular casual clothes as well as semi formal pieces. Reasonably affordable at the price of $90 providing comfort and durability as well as excellent traction for a lifestyle sneaker.
  • Wool Runners: Allbirds wool runners are soft enough to be worn without the socks along with being odor resistant. They are comfortable and definitely the cool looking ones out there. For a price of about a $90 and come in different colors including charcoal and red.  More suited to the casual attire and fir right in almost everywhere.


Why not stock up on some of the classics this time?



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