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Wearing formal attire with men sneakers to make a style statement

By :Jaleed Wasi 1 comments
Wearing formal attire with men sneakers to make a style statement

At present, every man should know that sneakers for men are meant for more than just gym footwear. From sports to the red carpet, the sneakers have become an expression of yourself & you can make a style statement with it.

Undoubtedly, sneakers can be worn with formal attire to make you stand out in a crowd. Here is a perfect guide for you on how to wear sneakers with formal clothing without looking saggy.

Perfect tailoring is the key

Want to wear sneakers for men with formal attire? Not a big deal. But even before buying the perfect sneakers for you, make sure that your attire is tailored to perfection. The baggy pants or the loose attire can ruin your entire look with the sneakers. A slim and fitted pant with perfect shirt & complementing sneakers will make you look trendy & wonderful.

Keep your overall look simple

If you want to look simple, you just have to keep your overall look simple, especially when wearing sneakers with formal attire. For sustaining a formal look, classic black sneakers, white sneakers or a pair of navy blue sneakers are perfect to buy.

Keep experimenting with different materials

To formalize your overall look, you must prefer the sneakers that come in more luxe material. A perfect example of this is the leather trainers that add an edge to your formal attire. In this regard, you must choose a reliable brand that offers you a variety of materials, such as velvet, leather, & suede, etc. All such materials prove to be more versatile & keep your overall look formal & decent.

Impeccable grooming is necessary

For a more decent & polished look, you must know the vitality of pristine hair & grooming. It doesn’t only make you look amazing but also, update your sneaker’s formality. When it comes to trending out, a well-styled man must go for a sleek blow-dry & a dash of hair mousse for a more refined look.

Choosing the right pair of sneakers for Men

The brand from which you are buying sneakers for men, women or kids plays a very important role in your overall experience. There are a few important things you are supposed to keep in your mind while buying a perfect pair of sneakers for you.

# Time it well

A perfect time to buy sneakers is in the afternoon. The reason is that at this time, your feet are naturally swell a bit so you can get your hands on to the perfect size.

# Decide on for a soft pair

The material for footwear that isn’t breathable, soft & supple isn’t perfect to buy. Always choose the material that allows your skin to breathe properly & you don’t get a skin infection.

# Always try with socks

When buying sneakers, make sure that you have a pair of socks with you that you normally wear with sneakers. This is the only way you can settle on for a perfect pair with ideal size.

# Shop from a reliable brand

The last but not the least thing to consider is the brand to buy sneakers for men. SneakersHive is a matchless brand that offers you a wide range of sneakers for men at competitive prices. Their quality is guaranteed & you can make a style statement with their range of trendy sneakers.


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Nov 21, 2021

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