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Women pumps and sandals: Choosing the right footwear for your clothing

By :Jaleed Wasi 0 comments
Women pumps and sandals: Choosing the right footwear for your clothing

When shopping for the women sandals and pumps, get your hands on the ones that complement your attire.

To avoid the wrong choice, always keep in mind the event you are buying shoes for. For instance, the ones you need for the formal evening can’t be the same as you require for your casual gathering. Other than the event, keep in mind the upcoming season as well.

Choosing the right shoes isn’t tricky, but you need to know a few rules for this Okay? Let’s get started.

Here is a simple list of things you must keep in your mind while choosing the women pumps and sandals for your outfit to look remarkable.

# Go for shoes one shade darker than your outfit

For avoiding the cringe factor, you can always choose shoe color one shade darker than your outfit. For instance, if you are going for a party, you can opt for a fire engine red dress with cherry red heels. Both these colors aren’t so different but won't mix up with each other. 

# Slight variation on a single color

Looking too matchy-matchy isn’t a great idea & we all knows it. To avoid this, the best idea for you is to choose the dress color as a starting point and then go for a slight variation, when choosing women pumps and sandals.

# Never choose the same color & material

This is something to avoid if you don’t want to look boring. Yes! You aren’t supposed to match the color and material of your outfit & shoes. You can go for the same color of shoes as your outfit or a bit lighter/darker color but in a different material. It adds texture to your outfit & makes your overall look trendy.

# Matching patterns is a good idea

There are a few people who think that it’s not a cool idea but it is. When you choose to wear the same patterned outfit with the same pattern on your shoes, you look cool.

If you luckily have a pair of shoes and a patterned dress with the same pattern in your closet, don’t hesitate wearing it in your next gathering. You can make an amazing style statement with it.

# A styling trick for casual attire ONLY

The last but not least styling rule; choose women pumps and sandals with the same color as your outfit. BUT, this rule is only for formal attire. It may give you a decent look when you choose to wear the same color outfit with the same color shoes. This might be best for informal gatherings to wear a white outfit with white heels.

Done with deciding your outfit for the upcoming event? It’s the perfect time for you to buy the women pumps and sandals, keeping in mind the above-listed things.

Choosing the right and reliable brand for footwear enhances your overall experience. Quality matters a lot for everything but it becomes of more significance, when its about shoes. SneakersHive is undoubtedly the matchless brand to shop for the trendy, comfortable and pretty pumps & sandals at the best prices.

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