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why large size sneakers and Shoes for Men?

From very start "Sneakers Hive" motive has been to cover all categories in sneakers and shoes. When we researched sneakers market then found that large size or extra large size sneakers category is more negleted one. Even we havent found some quality and related stuff on Amazon, ebay etc. So, we came up with "Mens Extra large Sneakers" category. This category is for special people who have large or extra large foot size. since its launch our customer base has increased alot in this direction. Men with large foot are really liking our category because its not just simple category. But its category with complete fashion trending sneakers for mens having large or extra large feet. We have added all colors in this category, infact added multi-color sneakers too. So, its not just ordinary category with having few sneakers combinations. Many of our customers has applauded us for quality and comfort sneakers we are producing in this category. And this confidence level from our customers has made us to add special sneakers in this category. So, just like normal foot size you will find all breeds of sneakers and in all varities in this large size sneakers category for men. For us its just like normal category as we consider all our customers equal whether they have normal or large foot size. Customers satisfaction for this category shows that our efforts to bring in fashion trend for large foot people has paid of. We are not stopping here, infact after every month or so we are adding new trends to this category just like normal categories. Moreover 30%+ DISCOUNT and free shipping on this category is gift for Men with large feet.