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Do you ship to my country?     

We ship around the globe. Apart from few war affected countries we ship in every country.

What are shipping charges for my country?    

We provide free shipping in 150+ countries those include USA, Europe and some Asian countries. In rest of the countries the shipping charges are negligible.

What is shipping period?    

It varies from country to country but our normal period is 8-12 working days. But for few orders there can be further delays due to current covid-19 situation.

What transaction methods you support?    

We support Visa and Master debit cards, credit cards, American Express, Discover, Apple pay, Google pay.

What about credit card data safety?    

We guarantee complete safety for your transaction info. Its not saved anywhere and data for transaction is also encrypted over https and also secured by 3D security, McAfee and added layer of security.

What about returns?    

We offer free returns if product is defected or is not as described or you don't like it for any genuine reason.

I want to enjoy discount coupon?    

We are offering good discount already. But if you want some special discounts then do connect to our twitter and facebook page. Follow and Like us to get discounts.
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How much time refund take?

Refund can take from 3-10 days. And refund is always better than charge back from your bank to us because charge back will take 2-3 months for you to get money back but in refund case you will get money back in just 3-10 days.

How to be sure about shoe size?

Our store has shoe sizes mentioned either in US or Chinese sizes. To compare it to your region please check following link

Can i track my order until it reaches me?

Yes. With in 3-4 days after order you will get order tracking link through email/sms. From that link you can track your order. Also you can track order through our website as well.


I haven't received my order even after 50(refund period) days. Do i ask my bank for charge back or ask you for refund?

Normally our orders are delivered within 30 days. But some how if you don't receive order in 50 days or so and want your money back then we would always prefer to contact us for refund. If you go for charge back through bank then it may take 60-70 days for you to get money but in case of refund you can get your money back in 3-10 days. Choice is yours.