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Colored Flat Shoestring Bootlaces for Shoes Sneakers

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Description: 1.1m Flat Glitter ShoeLaces Colored Flat Shoestring Bootlaces for Shoes Sneakers
This flat shoelaces is a perfect gift to your friends and yourself with its glitter color and proper length. This is a must have for girls and boy's unique like, and will definitely add an splendid look to your shoes at any seasons. Additionally, it can also be used as bowknot for gits pack decoration or any others ornaments.
- Color: As Shown
- Material: Cloth
- Length: Approx. 1.1m
- High quality material with strong durability for long-lasting use.
- Glitter color designs and soft texture with impeccable craftsmanship.
- Proper length which is suitable for Sneakers, Sports Shoes , Canvas Shoes.
- Perfect shoelaces for any types of shoes. Can also be used for any other DIY projects.