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1 Pair 10 Studs Anti-Skid Ice Gripper Spike Winter Climbing Anti-Slip Snow Spikes Grips Cleats Over Shoes Covers Crampon

Model Number: YJ22112
Material: TPR
style2: anti-skid shoe spikes
type04: crampon
type13: snow hiking anti slip
style3: anti slip ice
type08: ice drifts spikes on shoes
Colour:: Black
style8: anti slip on shoes
type10: snow and ice crampons
type01: ice drifts
style11: anti-skid shoe spikes
type09: spiked ice boots
drop shipping: yes
name02: Grips Crampons Cleats Overshoes
type05: spikes on shoes
style4: walk on ice
type07: crampones black diamond
Material:: Thermoplastic elastomer + Steel Studs
type12: anti-skid shoe spikes
wholesale: yes
style9: snow shoes
style5: ice drifts on ice shoes
type02: ice boots
style6: ice drifts for shoes
style10: spikes on shoes
type11: anti slip shoe
style1: anti-ice on shoes
name01: 10 Studs Anti-Skid Snow Ice Climbing Shoe Spikes
type03: shoe spikes
type06: spikes shoes
style7: against sliding ice drifts for shoes